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Deliverance Poses

Post by Zander on Wed May 04, 2016 7:33 pm

first thing you need to know is the Animator Options:
The Animator options are
Body mesh: Which is the wire frame over the bones of the body
Auto Hide: This hides the wire frame when you are saving I guess
Gizmo: This is a very important tool for you and I will go into more detail later
Centre bone: Centers the bones you have selected
Zoom: zooms in on the poses to do fine pose work
(if you are working on a laptop this is extremely hard to use)
Free joints: this frees joints that have been restricted to only move 1 or 2 ways and frees it so it moves all ways.
(I suggest you dont use this unless very skilled)

The Three that I suggest you always have on are the Body Mesh, Auto Hide and Gizmo.

Your View
your first view mode is front view second one is back view
bottom row: first one is left next is right next two are bottom and top view.

Next group of buttons are your bones buttons
Reset Sel Bones: this is to set back to the original bone pose that you started with
Sel to Keyframe: Honestly have never had to use this so I dont exactly know what it does.
Clear Selection: This will just clear what you have selected on the dummy poser it will not send any of your bones back or mess with them it will just deselect the bone.

Idle Quality: How well do you want to keep your avatar from going to an idle pose
Play Quality: How well do you want your poses to play this is for animation.
I use this all the way for when I am making still avatars.

XAF: Is what you will be saving your files as so when you are done posing your avatar and you would like to see what it looks like on an avatar click the XAF button.
XPF: You will almost never use this is for facial posing which you cannot create facial posing on this editor.
Save: This saves your project File You will want to save this so you have proof that A.) you made this pose B.) incase you want to come back to this pose and edit it a little more in the future. C.) Reusing this avatar as a basis of all your poses. Like say you have figured out the best spot for creating a sit pose the best place you can put that pose on the couch etc. saving it and then just reposing it is wayyy easier than having to go back in and refind that random spot in the air that makes the dummy avi look like it is floating.
Load: Loading the project files that you have saved as I was explaining about Above.

Duration: the highest duration you can go to is 120. The reason you might have it set that high is when you are making a still avatar and you do not want the avatar to make a single move or twitch, that is when you set it up that high.

Timeline: The timeline is used incase you want to make an animation like a running avatar. walking sexy etc. it takes alot of time and practice to master this one.

Gizmo: it works very weirdly you have to get used to it
but Typically
Blue: rotates around ex. is when you want the legs to point in towards each other like the toes are pointing towards each other cutsy avatars will have that.
Yellow: Controls back and forward motion. So when you are kicking at a ball. yeah goes like that.
Pink: trying to do the side splits? no problem this controls how far the legs go out.

This is what my product looks like

Deliverance Pro Pose Maker
Link to my homepage which has this pose maker on it
This is a tutorial on how to make the standing poses
This is a tutorial on how to make sitting poses

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