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Cycling Animation

Post by Zander on Wed May 04, 2016 7:32 pm

When making Cycling texture animation you have to know the basics of the Texture Animation Parameters.
First off when making the texture you need to know what a Cell is.

This is what a Cell looks like a Cell is a small part of basically what is a picture map. It is a smaller photo within the Photo that will be the texture sometimes in a  different color (making rave clothes) or the same texture with different poses of a bear on it (making a dancing bear on the front of a shirt)

All the Cells have to be a certian size. Cells are almost always going to be used as a square. (almost) sometimes you can get away with a rectangle but not very often. (square so 2x2, 4x4 etc).
The standard sizes are 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256. For Cells and total size. this is measured in Pixels.
The max that your total size of your photo can be is 256 x 512 or 512 x 256. This is the absolute max for your photo size.

Next when you start to make a Cycling Image you need to hit the On. Button
then make sure it is on cycling and not Scrolling

Cell Width and Height are the size of the Cell that you are using in your Cycling Photo. So mine is a 256 x 256 which means my total size in my photo is a 256 x 512 (pixels)

[center] Start Cell tells your animation which cell to start on. So incase you have alot of textures that are the same and you dont want them all to be in exact sync. an example of this would be candles and flames. you dont want them all to look exactly the same.

Num Cells This is the number of cells that your animation will have in total in the Cycling photo.  In my case I will have 2 Cells in my Photo.

Frames/Cell is how fast or slow you want the animation to be :) add higher numbers to slow it down so like 12 and lower numbers to make it faster like 2. Mine is set at 8. I believe. Later on I change my mind and set it  to 12.

Before you get all aggrivated some clothes will not respond to texture animation. So don't get hung up in trying to make a texture animated that wont animate. Like on my example Material 02 would not become an animated texture. So don't get frustrated with yourself :)

This is my finished results


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